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When there is no unallocated space on hard disk, if users want to create partition by using system built-in disk management tool, many of them choose to delete a large partition to release unallocated space and then create new partitions. In the process of deleting partition, have you ever deleted important partition by mistake and forgotten backing up data? When important partition is deleted by accident, how can users recover lost data on deleted partition? Users had better not pin their hope on system built-in tools, but third-party data recovery free software is capable of accomplishing deleted partition data recovery.

When selecting data recovery software, users should pay much attention to software quality so as to find out a piece of data recovery software equipped with high security and powerful data recovery competence. Most of the time, common data recovery software is unable to find and recover desired files since this kind of software has bugs in research and development. Data recovery software with bugs is very likely to result in data damage. As a result, damaged data stored on deleted partition can not be recovered any more. Aiming at this situation, we suggest using professional data recovery free software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Though it is a piece of freeware, it owns quite powerful data recovery competence and does pretty well in data recognizing and scanning. To be specific, it can deep scan data to furthest find out lost data and then recover lost data successfully and completely.

Recover lost data on deleted partition by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To perform deleted partition data recovery, users should visit to get this data recovery free software. After installation, run it to get its main interface:

From the main interface, we can see the functional module specially designed to recover lost data on deleted partition or lost partition, namely “Lost Partition Recovery”. After clicking this module, we can see the following interface:

From this interface, we can see deleted partition has been scanned out, so we just need to select this partition and click “Full Scan” button on action panel to fully scan the partition. After scan, data recovery free software will display all possible partitions:

In order to find desired data completely, users are suggested choosing the partition with highest suggested value. Then, click “Show Files” button to get the following interface:

In this interface, users can find desired data through preview. Then, check data which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to set save path:

In this interface, click “Browse…” button to appoint a safe storage place for recovered data and click “OK” button to perform deleted partition data recovery.

In addition to the function to recover lost data on deleted partition, this data recovery free software can help recover lost data from logically damaged partition or even from CD and DVD. Equipped with so powerful data recovery competence and high success rate, this data recovery free software is undoubtedly worth owning. Now, visit its official website to download it.


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